DRAIL Services Disability Disaster Access & Resources

The Disability Disaster Access & Resources program was established to ensure that people with disabilities and older adults with access and functional needs are integrated into California's planning, response and recovery processes of all disasters and emergencies. DRAIL is one of twenty of California's Independent Living Centers that are working partnership with CFILC and the Disability Disaster Access & Resource (DDAR) program as Disability Disaster Access & Resource Centers (DDARC).

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How DRAIL Can Support

DRAIL is always seeking individuals that are looking to make a difference in our local community.
Click below to get started on the many opportunities that you can make a difference in:

Disaster/Emergency Training for Community Members & Individuals

Provide community with education and resources to help mitigate the impact of emergencies.

Medical Baseline Program Enrollment and Other Alert Systems Available

Assist community with application process and enrollment with various alert resources.

Portable Back-Up Battery

Access needs based on durable medical equipment to ensure that proper back-up power is attained.

Food Assistance

During a PSPS event, food vouchers may be available if requirements are met. Resources may be limited.

Accessible Transportation

Transportation options may be provided during a PSPS event. Based on availability.

Active PSPS Event Follow-Up

Provide community with resources during and after a PSPS event.

Act Now!

Whether you're an individual living with access and functional needs, a caregiver or family member, or a community service provider, getting resources and services in preparation for an emergency/disaster can make a lifesaving difference.

Visit the Disability Disaster Access & Resources website to apply:


Or you can call us at 209-521-7260 and we'll walk you through the application process.