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Independent Lives

DRAIL services are tools that assist people with disabilities to live more independent lives. Independence requires support for both the physical and emotional needs of the individual. DRAIL services are designed to empower individuals to achieve personal goals, renew confidence and enable independence.

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DRAIL has a wide range of services available.

For specific services questions please contact us and we'll refer a specialist to you.
Otherwise, core services and examples are listed below:

List of Services

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Housing Referrals

DRAIL offers one-on-one assistance with consumers locating housing and accessing programs one may qualify for.

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Information & Referral

If you would like basic information about our programs and services, or have questions about local resources and just don't know where to start, we can assist you with making an appropriate connection.

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Peer Support

These meetings are a platform for people to socialize, play games, and also talk about what they have been experiencing.

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Personal Assistant Services

Similar to the IHSS registry but managed by people with disabilities, DRAIL has a caregiver/PCA registry through QuickMatch to help match consumers to providers.

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Independent Living Skills Training

DRAIL provides a nine part curriculum of Independent Living Skills Training classes.

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Individual & Systems Change Advocacy

Through this two-track approach, we empower our consumers and the disability community to overcome barriers to access and services.

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Disability Income Advocacy / Benefits Advising

Direct support with Social Security and other public benefit applications, in addition to dedicated Social Security benefit application and advocacy support for individuals with disabilities experiencing homelessness through the Housing & Disability Advocacy Program (HDAP) in Stanislaus County.

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Disability Disaster Access Resources (DDAR)

Individuals who complete the application will be assessed for disaster and emergency services, including Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events.

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Work Incentives Planning & Assistance (WIPA)

Help people understand Social Security work incentives, WIPA helps you make informed choices.

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Community Center Programs & Activities

Workshops that provide independent living skills through fun and educational activities in a safe, clean, and inclusive environment.

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Aging & Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) of the Mother Lode

No wrong door collaborative effort between DRAIL and Area 12 Agency on Aging to provide access and opportunity for persons with disabilities of all ages.

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Transition Youth Services

Hands-on experiences that will help youth to live independently.

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Community Resources Directory

Search for community respurces across the six counties we serve.

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