Opportunities Community Center Utilization

DRAIL's Community Center is available for utilization for classes, workshops, and special events. You can complete the online form below for inquiry and availability of the community center, or call Kholoud Rashid at (209) 579-3252 with questions about utilizing the community center.

Utilization Policies

  • Contributions and Reservations: The following policies apply unless other arrangements have been made.
    • Usage Rates:
    • $100 / up to 4 hours (minimum)
    • $200 / more than 8 hours in a single day
  • Setup & Cleanup: A minimum of ½ hour of setup/cleanup time will be added to all usage times.
  • Reserving Space: A non-refundable, non-transferable (if not canceled within a minimum of 10 days prior to the event) fee of $25 holds your time. Donation due: Full donation for a one-time event or on-going groups is due ten days prior to the event or group meeting. Donations can be made by (cash or check) made out to DRAIL.

Building Policies

  1. Be kind to the neighbors. We are located in a business park, so be respectful when parking, and be aware of noise levels if you are walking back to your car at a late hour.
  2. Leave the space clean for the next user. We all work together here to care for the space and create a community of classes and events. Follow the instructions for cleaning up on the list provided (Renter Info).
  3. Be careful with fire. Only LED candles are allowed in the space, please do not use any flammable materials. No smoking is allowed in the building and outside you must be 25 ft away from the building.
  4. If you break it you pay for it. You are responsible for any damage to the space that happens as a result of your rental activity–broken windows, glasses, etc.
  5. Alcohol is not allowed at any publicly advertised events. Alcohol may be served at private events if the renter does the following:
    1. Follows the information provided by the State of California,
    2. Purchase a "Special Events Endorsement" in the amount of at least $1 million from his/her insurance company that lists''DRAIL" or ''Disability Resources Agency for Independent Living" as "also insured." Copies of both documents must be provided to Kholoud Rashid at the time of completion of utilization agreement.

Utilization Inquiry Form

Acknowledgement & Consent