Be An Advocate


Be an advocate

Advocacy is very important to everyone with a disability. Regulation and legislation can have far reaching impact on every consumer’s ability to live independently – including you. Issues DRAIL follows on behalf of consumers include: voter education, Olmstead ACT (allowed for IDL Centers to help transition the disability consumer into the community), housing, transportation and education. Speaking up for ourselves continues to be a necessity in achieving equality in accessing a life of individual opportunity. Find one or more ways to speak out below. We need your help. Please begin voting.


Cast your ballet to ensure those representing you are individuals who support disability issues. Let us help you get registered if you are not.



DRAIL will follow regulation and legislation and let you know when there are specific issues that need your help and voice. This means talking to your friends and relatives, and calling or mailing your local, state and federal representatives about your perspective on issues. Hear about it by joining our mailing list in the left column and checking out this website regularly.


Get Active

DRAIL needs you and your story to help educate and motivate our elected representatives about disability. Annually, we hold a legislative day, where DRAIL and consumers, like you, visit our State Capitol to meet with legislators. Anyone can do it. We need you to go with us. There is no cost to attend. Call DRAIL’s Modesto office and let us know you want to participate!



This page will be updated with information about thebills we are following and the steps we like you to take to help. For more information on this subject please call DRAIL's Community Organizing Advocate at our Modesto office.